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Blackdot exist to assist our clients to achieve more predictable, repeatable, and sustainable sales performance.

What makes us unique is our total fixation on the use of data-driven, evidence-based techniques to understand what does (and does not) drive sales performance.

By viewing the ‘sales engine’ holistically, as an ecosystem of component parts that work interdependently to impact sales results, we’re able to identify the root cause of what’s inhibiting and enabling your current performance, including quantifying the payoff in actually getting it right.

Armed with this knowledge, we stand alongside our clients who engage us to define, implement and embed change programs that bridge the gap between ‘hoping’ and ‘knowing’ you’ll deliver top and bottom line performance improvement.

Best Practice Insights

Pharma is standing at the summit of some significant sales force effectiveness challenges in an environment of increasing competition. Blackdot have released two pharma-relevant White Papers intended to re-arm sales leaders with the control required to address and overcome these challenges. Relevant to those within pharma, as well as sales leaders hungry to learn how other industries are applying sales force effectiveness best practices, these insights are invaluable tools not to be missed.

Video of the month

Click here to learn about the critical role of the first-line Sales Manager in re-focusing the frontline sales effort, with our Bridging the Gap White Paper.



Video of the month

Learn about five pharma-relevant, immediately-actionable opportunities that represent a return to core Sales Force Effectiveness fundamentals required to drive more predictable and repeatable performance with our Back-to-Basics White Paper.
Click here to download.

Our expertise stems from a decade of successfully addressing diverse, organic growth challenges faced by global companies…

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