Are you a business leader looking to drive a material improvement in the rhythm of your salesforce’s activity?

Fundamental questions for you to resolve include:

  • What should a week in the life of a sales leader and frontline sales person look like?
  • How do we drive more value from our sales meetings and other interactions?
  • How well do we mobilise our sales teams around strategic or tactical priorities?
  • Is it clear ‘how we sales lead around here’?

Even for high performing organisations, the answers to these questions are not always clear. Typically, there will be a group of high performers who are intuitively using their own precious time to optimise their sales effort, but all too often this is not mirrored across the sales team as a whole.

Your Benefits From Working With Blackdot

  • Crystallise your optimal sales leader and frontline rhythm
  • Ensure your people are spending time where it matters
  • Improve the effectiveness of sales meetings and other interactions

Blackdot’s Approach to Working With You

  • Build an in depth understanding of your own high performer best practices through interviews and analysis
  • Leverage our world leading insights from our unique database of over 6,800 sales leaders and frontline sales people who have participated in the Blackdot Benchmark
  • Determine the optimal ‘rhythm’ that meets your unique organisational needs and culture
  • Partner with you through the critical change management and embedding process