After a record smashing 2021, EMEA looks to an even brighter future

As Blackdot continues to scale up globally, we’re proud of the significant growth our EMEA team has experienced in the last 12 months. Wrapping up a successful year, we asked Mark Taylor, Managing Director of EMEA, to share his reflections and what the path ahead looks like for the team.

Mark, what were some key projects and client challenges your team faced in 2021?

The pandemic brought about a warp speed pace of change – and once the dust started to settle, many organisations were seeking support in evolving their go-to-market approach, operating model and people agenda.
We found that even large corporations with a traditional and established way of engaging customers, were looking to transform. The key challenge for them was embedding agile principles, shifting foundational ways of working and making the most of their tech and data – whilst also guiding their people to become more in sync with customer expectations. We’ve been able to prove to leaders that an organisation with complex and fragmented touchpoints, legacy systems, outdated processes and data constraints – can still achieve significant success by taking a holistic approach to transformation.

So, how has the EMEA team shifted to accommodate for this growth surge?

Proudly, 2021 has been one of our biggest years! On the people front, we onboarded a number of specialists – deepening our organisation’s expertise around digital marketing, transformational change, and technology – and strengthening existing knowledge across industries. As a natural step of this expansion, we also relocated to a new office. Our team has grown more than ever, and we are beyond excited for the next chapter!

What does 2022 look like from your perspective?

Our focus for 2022 is to continue expanding our business, clients, and team. We’re excited for bigger and more complex projects in the transformation space — and want to continue attracting a high calibre of consultants who see Blackdot as a vehicle where they can leave their mark, fulfill their professional and personal potential, and enjoy the journey we’re on.

“Blackdot has experienced impressive growth over the past few years, which is a testament to our promising future in the consulting space. I’m really looking forward to catapulting to new, higher levels of success across the region in the next 12-18 months, and continuing to be known as a challenger brand, and go-to partner for transformation projects. We owe our success to the brilliance and ongoing determination of our people — so we’ll also continue to invest in them as individuals and their career development.”

Mark Taylor - Managing Director, EMEA

To keep up to date with the work Mark and the Blackdot EMEA team are doing, connect with him directly on LinkedIn