Today's Customer has Transformed, but has the Enterprise?

Blackdot launches new best practice framework for enterprise growth transformation

Most enterprise-level business leaders know that keeping pace with today’s changing customer is an ever-present challenge. Empowered by a multitude of information sources, customers expect a real-time experience that is simple, seamless and responsive, but it can be difficult for business leaders to keep up with the pace of change when they are encumbered with enterprise complexity, legacy constraints and change capacity. 

With this knowledge firmly in mind, Blackdot proudly launched their brand-new framework for marketing, sales and service effectiveness at their recent Enterprise Growth Transformation Summits. Taking place in Sydney and Melbourne, these insights sessions were the latest and the largest-to-date in Blackdot’s series of events, designed to share their thinking around digital go-to-market transformation. The events attracted over 500 senior business leaders spanning multiple industries and featured speakers from prominent organisations News Corp, AMP, AstraZeneca, ASB and Roche.

Blackdot’s new best practice framework is built around the five critical challenge areas that enterprises typically encounter during transformation programs:

Customer Strategy: resetting the organisational strategy and go-to-market model around the customer to stay ahead of informed buyers & disruptive competitors.

Process: integrating & automating functions to deliver a differentiated digital & physical customer experience, while reducing cost.

People & Change: building the frontline mindset, behaviours & core capabilities required to thrive in an increasingly complex customer & buyer environment.

Technology: leveraging intuitive frontline technology to enable employees to navigate legacy data, infrastructure & people constraints.

Execution Excellence: transitioning new ways of working into business-as-usual and building a culture of data & customer-driven optimisation.  

Managing Director of Blackdot, Marty Nicholas said “We’re really excited to launch this new framework which builds on the extensive work we have already done helping enterprises achieve customer-centric transformation. There is absolutely no question that transformation is hard and complex, especially for enterprise organisations. The good news is that fast movers have laid the foundations for becoming more connected, integrated and customer-centric, meaning fast followers now have a fantastic opportunity to seize on the valuable lessons from these early adopters and leverage these to move further and faster”.

Blackdot will soon be releasing a series of webinars, white papers and blogs covering each of these five critical challenges in more detail. 

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