Blackdot Launches New Partner Engagement Model to Service Increasing Demand for Benchmarking

Blackdot is excited to launch its new Partner Engagement Model – a more flexible, holistic solution designed to provide additional value to the increasing number of clients utilising Blackdot’s benchmarking services year-on-year to drive and measure their transformation programs.

Providing the end-to-end solution clients need to achieve transformation, the Partner Engagement Model offers a wide range of services in a single offering. Clients can leverage:

Offering access to Blackdot’s full suite of benchmarking products, the Partner Engagement Model allows clients to comprehensively assess their maturity and transformation efforts against external best practice. Providing the flexibility to benchmark annually or on an as-needed basis, the solution provides clients with a valuable tool to measure ongoing progress and benefits realisation, helping assist them in refocusing their change agenda and proving ROI.

Offering economies of scale on day rates for bespoke consulting solutions and advisory support, the Partner Engagement Model gives clients the support they need to accelerate marketing and sales transformation.

Capability Resources
Providing discounted facilitation rates, the Partner Engagement Model gives clients access to Blackdot’s capability resources to help them drive their transformation programs. Based on ongoing benchmarking and the proven behaviours that drive performance, Blackdot’s capability resources provide the material to help clients drive best practice execution.

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