Blackdot establishes a unique partnership with Salesforce APAC

Blackdot formalises a partnership with Salesforce – becoming the first non-systems integrator partner in the Asia Pacific region.

With deep expertise across Salesforce solutions, and a significant technology advisory offering, Blackdot are proud to formalise an official partnership with Salesforce.

Unlike other partners in the region, Blackdot is not a systems integrator, but a management consultancy that focuses on driving marketing, sales and service transformation.

The new venture was announced at the Implementing Customer Transformation Summit in May. John Moran, Area VP at Salesforce shared:

 “We’ve been challenged and have needed to expand our ecosystem to include organisations that can help answering transformation problems… Blackdot have fit the bill perfectly”

John Moran announcing partnership at Blackdot’s Implementing Customer Transformation summit

John Moran also highlighted Blackdot’s own success using the platform;
“Blackdot are not only good at helping other customers transform, they’ve kept pace with their needs for customer transformation over time and are one of the best examples of the use of Salesforce.”

Blackdot are both humbled and excited about this opportunity, and the potential it can bring not only for their own organisation but also their enterprise clients.

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