Blackdot speaks at MedForce Europe

With around 200 senior MedTech leaders in attendance, Blackdot was delighted to join forces with Medforce Europe for their 2-day summit, which took place in Berlin last month.

Alex Hay and James Williams from our EMEA team shared insights around what good looks like for multi-channel customer experience in MedTech, particularly focusing on how to adapt to the changing digital environment and work through the common challenges organisations are faced with.


The presentation centred on a case study from a recent engagement with a global MedTech client. They walked through the journey that the organisation has been on so far, along with the challenges and key learnings from the project.

The duo then hosted a workshop which was designed to help leaders gain an in-depth understanding of their organisation’s current state and lock down some priority focus areas for accelerating their multichannel maturity. They mapped out where each organisation sat on the multi-channel maturity model (shown below), developed strategies with attendees on how to capitalise on the ‘moments that matter’ along the customer journey, and then crystallised priorities which would help realise value – fast.


Something that became evident during the workshop was that most organisations across the MedTech sector are facing similar challenges. One that was particularly significant concerned organisations’ attempts to implement huge transformation projects, which promise lots of benefits, but aren’t able to demonstrate value effectively. To combat this, it is crucial that these organisations break down the change into digestible chunks, sequences into agile work packages so they can deliver value early and often.

At the end of the workshop, participants left with four key takeaways:
  1. Anchor the transformation on experiences customers value
  2. Ladder up from what is actually achievable
  3. Keep the reality of your current operating model in mind
  4. Invest in change leadership early and throughout
For a deeper understanding on how to accelerate multi-channel maturity in your organisation, have a look at our recent webinar on the topic or get in touch!