Whoa! The last 18 months have been a ride and a half. For many organisations and individuals, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and engage. Whilst on the client side we’ve been focusing on helping enterprises drive their large-scale transformation initiatives, we also recognise the need to further support our team in navigating these sudden shifts on a personal level.

Our people have always sat at the core of our business, which is reinforced by one of Blackdot’s company values ‘Love Your Life’ – encouraging us to tick off those big bucket list items, or do the little things that keep us motivated on the day-to-day. To aid this, we ramped up our internal health and wellbeing agenda and got behind fantastic causes we’re passionate about.

Some of the exciting initiatives we’ve taken part in, include:
  • Flexible remote working policies to encourage work-life balance and keep our people safe
  • Yoga and exercise classes to keep us connected and promote physical activity

  • ‘10,000 steps a day’ walking challenge to raise funds for Beyond Blue, an Australian mental health support organisation

  • International men’s and women’s day discussions to celebrate the achievements and challenges experienced by both genders
  • Global coffee roulette – to network with our peers both near and far
  • 'R U OK day’ and Peer-to-Peer Experience Share forums on career advice, personal challenges, how to stay motivated, and more!
  • Pride panels with leaders from the likes of SAP, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Julie's Biscuits, Palo IT and Yours to honour diversity
  • Weekly trivia quiz for some light-hearted fun (check out one of our latest editions: What film does Marty Nicholas (Blackdot's CEO) feature in?)
  • Dietician sessions paired with a nutritious recipe cooking challenge, to encourage healthy eating habits

Since launching these initiatives, we have received positive feedback from our people that they felt more productive, less isolated and have strengthened their relationships at work. Which is why we’re delighted to continue these well into the future and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to health and wellbeing.

To find out more about what it's like to work at Blackdot, visit our LinkedIn page.