Meet Blackdot's newly appointed Principal,
Andy Antonini

Our most recent member of the team, Andy Antonini (Principal) shares his professional background and experience at Blackdot so far.

Hi Andy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background?

On the personal front; I'm a bit of a Heinz 57 varieties. I’m American by birth, have Argentinian parents and grew up in England from the age of six. I am married with two kids, two dogs – both rescues.

Career wise; I graduated with a degree in Chemistry (all data, testing and analysis), but started working in sales for the first 5-6 years before moving into direct marketing (back in the day before even faxes had been invented), which lead into marketing consulting and agency roles. I worked in the UK and eventually in Australia at Wunderman and Ogilvy in B2B lead generation and data-driven marketing strategy roles with Asia Pacific clients, including a management stint with Ogilvy Japan.

After 10 years in agency, I decided to shift my focus to implementation rather than strategy. I took on an opportunity at LJ Hooker to develop a digital lead generation business, integrating the sales and marketing pipeline to enable sales conversion. Continuing the theme of integration of these two functions, I worked in more operational roles at two technology-driven digital start-ups, before heading up a CRM implementation project at McGrath and latterly as CMO at a property developer.  

I guess I like to see a problem from both sides, and feel that if you can’t implement a plan, then it’s not that useful in the real world.

What drew you to taking up this position at Blackdot?

Justine Tabone (Principal, Blackdot) – who I’d known from my Ogilvy days - had been talking about her experience at Blackdot for quite a long time. So, when I was ready to move on from my last role, she introduced me to Marty Nicholas (Managing Director, Blackdot) and Abhik Sengupta (Executive Director – Client Solutions, Blackdot). Chatting to them I just loved the idea of a consultancy that focused on sales and marketing; something I understood well from my previous roles.

I loved their practical methodologies for mapping how and where customers touch different parts of an organisation, teasing out moments that really matter and developing meaningful conversations at each of these points. They are all things many marketers like me are doing intuitively, but I could see the power of how methodically documenting the processes around these customer interactions would make it easier for sales and marketing teams to implement, measure and manage.  

And then I met the people – they think really deeply about their clients’ business. There’s a real feeling of collaboration which is genuinely not always there.

What excites you most about this role?

Learning. I am an avid learner of new things and applying them. So, learning new skills, industries, and being in situations that I haven’t been in before is super exciting because it means that I’m challenging myself.

So, you’ve been on the job for two weeks now, what’s your experience been like so far?

In all honesty, I’ve never felt so at home at a company, so quickly – in two weeks I feel like I’ve settled right in and been here for a long time. It helps that I know people who were here before I started, but everyone is supportive and friendly – that’s just the people side.

On the work side, I have been blown away with the depth and quality of thinking. They conduct a very in-depth analysis up front, and then they work out practical solutions for how to help the company implement it. Moreover, their philosophy is to help companies learn how to do things by themselves. It’s a really good way to look at consulting; you come in for a moment in time, help clients understand the situation, structure their thinking, put plan in place and then work with the client teams to do it themselves. I think it’s awesome.