Our Partners

With many of our clients requiring end-to-end solutions spanning strategy, people, process and technology requirements, Blackdot works with dedicated service delivery partners to ensure we can deliver the full spectrum of solutions they need to drive growth and accelerate marketing and sales transformation.

With the ability to deliver solutions across the globe, our partners possess the expertise and experience needed to deliver first-tier quality solutions, as well as ensuring but a pragmatic, hands-on execution focus.


Now in our third year as a Veeva content partner, the Blackdot team are well versed in the Veeva suite of products, with many implementations covering Veeva CLM, Veeva Approved Email and custom website integrations. As a core piece in the multi-channel marketing mix for the pharma world, we understand how to implement this integral system into not only the daily channel mix of sales reps, marketers and brand teams, but also how to support the technical implementation and adoption across all facets of the business to maximise its value and return on investment.



As a Marketo partner, we help our clients leverage marketing automation to support end-to-end customer journeys. Blackdot deliver the deployment, configuration and integration required for organisations to rapidly harness the impact of their investment in Marketo.



Blackdot are proud to be the first non-systems integrator Salesforce partner in the Asia-Pacific region. Our marketing, sales and service expertise - combined with an in-depth knowledge of Salesforce solutions – provides a unique capability to assist clients in delivering transformation. We work with Salesforce customers to create holistic solutions, providing the people, process, technology and data expertise required to accelerate benefits realisation.