The Blackdot Difference

Blackdot exists to accelerate customer-centric growth.

Since 2001 we’ve helped enterprise-level clients across a range of industries globally, solve complex customer challenges, to transform how they go-to-market and accelerate growth. 

Our approach is effective because we understand that change needs to encompass strategy, people, process and technology. Possessing a wealth of experience driving transformation projects, we understand what good looks like, how to make it happen and importantly, how to maximise the benefits. There are a number of factors that make us unique...

We're Specialists

  • We bring a highly specialised focus to help clients drive growth through marketing and sales transformation.

    “While the rewards for marketing and sales transformation are high, so is the risk. We wanted a specialist partner who had been there before. Blackdot had the specialised knowledge and experience to bring sales to the table and help us drive and navigate the risks of transformation.”

    Michelle Stephenson, General Manager, Business & Institutional Banking, Commonwealth Bank

We Think Holistically

  • We know that transformation is impossible if you don’t think about the whole picture. Our approach is effective because we understand that change needs to encompass customer, people, process and technology.

    “One of the things we most liked most about Blackdot was their ‘12-4-7’ methodology, which forced us to diagnose our fundamental problems and solution-set broadly.”

    Christine Yates, General Manager - NAB Private, National Australia Bank

We Bring Diverse Expertise

  • With our team consisting of data scientists, industry-experienced consultants and behaviour change experts, we have the diversified skill-sets required to deliver end-to-end transformation success.

    “One of the benefits of working with Blackdot is that with each phase of our transformation, they were able to supply SME’s with diverse skill-sets – analytical, consulting, technology & capability. Their broad range of expertise ensured continuity throughout all phases of our transformation.” 

    James McKew, Sales & Marketing Director ANZ, SMC

We’re Outcome-Driven

  • We know that there are many ways a transformation project can become derailed and lose momentum. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure it stays on track and understand the importance of maintaining focus on benefits realisation.

    “Blackdot’s behavioural benchmarking and progress tracking has helped our sales managers understand the why, what and how to change both their own and their team’s behaviours, attitudes and systems to maximise their capability and opportunities. Better still, it’s achieved in a way that’s really held management attention throughout the change process.”

    Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager, Corporate, Commercial and Rural, ASB

We Have the Operational Know-How

  • Our team is made up of experts with a wealth of practical, in-field experience driving transformation projects for a variety of organisations. We understand the practical steps you need to take to drive change and mobilise the business.

    “We’ve had plenty of other consultants come in and produce strategy decks. The big difference with Blackdot was how readily they were able to challenge the way we execute – because they understand the operational mechanics behind sales and marketing so well.”

    Stephen Cunningham, Head Of Systems (Advertising Sales and Digital Systems)​, News Corp Australia

We’re Evidence-Based

  • Our approach is grounded in proven best practice backed by data and metrics. We adhere to the philosophy; “If you can’t measure it, don’t get behind it.”

    “When the pay-off for getting it right is very clearly described, it’s far easier to rally the business around what needs to change and why – even when they’re sceptical at the outset.”

    Charles Waterfield, Business Unit Director, Respiratory, Inflammation, Autoimmunity (RIA), Established Brands, Strategic Planning and Sales Excellence​, AstraZeneca