An exponential increase in mobile data usage and a proliferation of new technology has driven dramatic change across the communications industry. Customer preferences are changing rapidly, with increased demand for more complex technology solutions. To thrive in this new buying environment and to deliver new technology product offerings, communications organisations need to rethink their go-to-market approach.

Blackdot can help you drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation required to successfully adapt and win in the new digital environment. Possessing deep experience in the communications sector, our team can deliver a unique mix of solutions to help you identify your highest priorities, mobilise marketing, sales and service transformation, measure results and accelerate growth. 

Common Initiatives We Help With:

Delivering a Consistent
Omni-Channel Experience

Ensuring the customer has a high quality experience across digital, phone and face-to-face interactions

Bid to Cash

Improving processes and supporting technology to speed up sales conversion

Managing the Tail

Setting up more effective and lower cost inside sales structures to service lower value customers

Optimising Marketing, Sales &
Service Operating Models

Optimising your multiple customer-facing roles to better cover the customer base whilst reducing costs

Shifting from Traditional to
Digital Lead Generation

Making sense of the strategy, people, process and technology elements required to define your digital maturity transformation roadmap

Building ICT Frontline

Developing the roles and skills the front line needs to effectively transition to selling more sophisticated technology solutions

Success Stories

Adapting to the Digitally Empowered B2B Buyer

Adapting to the Digitally Empowered B2B Buyer

Digital has changed fundamentally how B2B customers buy, bringing both opportunity and unprecedented complexity for marketing and sales organisations.

Unlocking Sales Manager Coaching Impact

Unlocking Sales Manager Coaching Impact

Understand what Best Practice coaching looks like to accelerate frontline salesperson development and performance.

Success Stories

A New Operating Model to Adapt to Emerging Growth Opportunities

Blackdot helps a global telco take advantage of new market opportunities and simplify customer engagement.

Success Stories

A New Operating Model to Capitalise on the Biggest Opportunities

Blackdot helps one of Australia's largest banks enhance role clarity and focus on key market segments.

Success Stories

Diagnosing the Root Cause of Poor Sales Performance

Blackdot's diagnosis of core sales performance issues helps a major telco turn negative growth positive.

Success Stories

New Client Acquisition Focus Generates $1 Billion in New Sales

Blackdot helps a division of a leading commercial bank significantly change its sales process to win new clients.

Success Stories

New Cross-Selling Scheme Helps Generate 57% Uplift in Net Profit

Blackdot helps a global investment bank incentivise cross-selling and collaborative sales behaviour.

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