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Facing reduced access to Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) and increasing competition, health science organisations need to evolve. A new go-to-market approach is required – one that uses multi-channel strategies to drive HCPs into new digital channels and creates opportunities to better leverage face-to-face interactions. However, consolidating a variety of legacy customer and patient-facing initiatives into a cohesive digital strategy remains a significant challenge.

Blackdot can help you drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation required to successfully adapt and win in this new multi-channel selling environment. Possessing deep experience in the health science sector, our team can deliver a unique mix of solutions to help you identify your highest priorities, mobilise marketing, sales and service transformation, achieve digital and multi-channel execution, measure results and accelerate growth.

Common Initiatives We Help With:

Enhancing Launch

Accelerating the adoption of new products in competitive markets through effective pre-positioning & launch protocols

Transitioning to Multi-Channel

Aligning medical, marketing, sales & service resources into a streamlined and cost-effective multi-channel operating model

Fully Integrating Key
Account Management

Embedding account management frameworks & delivering end-to-end planning and operating models across marketing, medical & sales

Enhancing Sales
Force Effectiveness

Organising sales & medical customer-facing roles around a common purpose for an enhanced Health Care Practitioner experience & optimising sales force efficiency

Medical Education

Developing accredited & branded medical education for healthcare professionals & patient/consumer education

Medical Content Development

Managing scientific symposia & media strategy, issues management & key message development

Success Stories

Adapting to the Digitally Empowered B2B Buyer

Adapting to the Digitally Empowered B2B Buyer

Digital has changed fundamentally how B2B customers buy, bringing both opportunity and unprecedented complexity for marketing and sales organisations.

Unlocking Sales Manager Coaching Impact

Unlocking Sales Manager Coaching Impact

Understand what Best Practice coaching looks like to accelerate frontline salesperson development and performance.

Success Stories

Adopting Best Practices to Enhance Sales

Blackdot helps a leading pharmaceutical company develop a new sales management framework to improve coaching and performance management.

Success Stories

Demystifying Targets and Fuelling Incentives to Grow Market Share

Blackdot helps a major pharmaceutical player develop a new target-setting model to align sales around market share growth.

Success Stories

Global Pharma Company Boosts Sales Effectiveness by 300%

Blackdot helps a global pharma company turn around lacklustre sales performance with a new sales process.

Success Stories

Shifting from Mediocrity to Meritocracy

Blackdot helps a leading pharmaceutical company develop a new incentive framework to drive outperformance.

Success Stories

Transforming to Adapt to an Evolving Market

Read to find out how Blackdot helped a global pharmaceutical company integrate marketing and sales to more effectively drive growth.

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