Adapting your go-to-market approach in response to COVID-19

Virtual Lunch Series

Friday, 3 April 2020
12.00 – 12.30pm AEDT

An executive guide for increasing customer-centricity during the pandemic

The escalation of COVID-19 has caught many organisations by surprise – fundamentally disrupting their customer experience and highlighting a combination of demand, supply and operational challenges preventing them from fulfilling basic services.
Having built muscle memory from the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis, leadership teams have learnt how to act quickly and decisively. Almost all organisations are mobilising to engage their teams around ‘no regrets’ tactical response plans, enabling them to continue supporting their customers and to safeguard the business. It is critical that these initiatives are agile in nature, with the ability to adapt or pivot immediate priorities according to the rapidly changing landscape.
As you define and evolve your unique organisational ‘battle plan’, there are a number of fundamental principles you must focus on to ensure the impact on your customer is minimised, and the opportunity for meaningful engagement is maximised.
Join us for a virtual lunch discussion at 12pm on Friday 3rd, as we explore how to;

  • Continue supporting your team and customers during a period of extreme uncertainty
  • Navigate the immediate operational and cashflow challenges presented
  • Emerge out of the other side with your reputation and brand intact