Sales Manager Open Program

Understand Sales Manager capability levels and gaps against best practice, equip Sales Managers with practical tools and skills which drive performance and create real change through ongoing embedding within sales activity

The program provides frontline Sales Managers with the following integrated components:

Benchmarking and Diagnostics: 

Complete pre-workshop individual assessment report is provided for each sales manager providing immediately actionable insights into strengths to leverage and gaps to address.

  • Understand your managers’ strengths and weaknesses against external best practice and internal comparisons
  • Isolate the ‘vital few’ gaps for development priority which will create fundamental impact

Intensive Coaching: Two personalised 1:1 coaching sessions by a professional Blackdot sales coach to debrief assessment insights and embed content execution

  • Crystallise personal insights and focus areas for each sales manager
  • Expedite execution of key learning outcomes with specialised Blackdot coaching support

Experiential Capability Program: 

2-Day immersive workshop delivers practical skills and tools for executing the “4” critical sales management disciplines

  • Enhance capability across The ‘4’ Disciplines in an interactive and applied setting
  • Consolidate key breakthroughs and takeaways across your sales management team
  • Kickstart change through practical tools and skills which participants can immediately apply