Execution Excellence – the functional imperatives that count

The pandemic has fundamentally reshaped customer engagement preferences and buying behaviour across all industries.

In response, most organisations have invested heavily in new tools and technology with the aspiration of accelerating the pathway to a digitally-led go-to-market model.

Following 9 months of benchmarking since the beginning of COVID-19, what we’ve found is that as operational complexity increases – ensuring you have the right frontline behaviours and execution principles is critical for progressing; from a mono, to multi, and finally omni-channel engagement approach.

Watch this recording of our webinar as we explore:

  • An overview of omni-channel maturity by industry
  • Risks to navigate, and opportunities to capture when evolving your go-to-market model
  • Building an agile culture, new frontline capabilities and future-fit management decisions
  • Functional imperatives that will enable your frontline to thrive in this new environment