Sales Operating Models

Is your sales operating model enabling your salespeople to succeed, or limiting their potential?

Facing wholesale changes in customer behaviour as well as top and bottom line pressure, many organisations must reinvent their sales operating model to deliver a more customer-centric and cost-efficient buyer interaction. However even before launching new transformation initiatives, organisational turbulence and the ensuing role and goal diffusion this creates are frequently stifling sales productivity. Navigating transformation, whilst simultaneously creating enhanced capacity and focus for sales to be effective, is an exceedingly difficult balance.

Blackdot can help you create a best practice sales operating model that is fit-for-purpose for your customer environment. By delivering more effective resource alignment, absolute role clarity and enhanced productivity, we can set up your sales force to deliver the strategy and hit the number in today’s changing buyer environment.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Align Resources to
Key Market Opportunities

Ensure the right people are aligned to the opportunities that will optimise sales results and the customer experience

Design the Optimal
Mix of Sales Roles

Optimise the mix of specialist vs. generalist and face-to-face vs. inside sales roles to facilitate effective and efficient customer interactions

Evolve Sales Capabilities
for the Digital Environment

Adapt sales to operate effectively in a multi-channel environment & deliver the level of insight and value today’s buyer expects

Lift Sales Role
& Goal Clarity

Crystallise key measures of success and KPIs by role type, minimising goal diffusion and maximising the effectiveness of each individual

Create Sales Capacity
& Increase Productivity

Remove the ‘noise’ from your operating model, increase effective selling time and remove low-value, non-sales activity

Reduce the Cost of
Sale & Cost to Serve

Design a more scalable and lower cost sales and service operating model without diminishing effectiveness or the customer experience

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