Align the business behind your most impactful growth transformation priorities

With a proliferation of well-intentioned projects typically being run at any given time, large complex businesses routinely struggle with prioritisation. Trying to deliver the ‘Vital Many’ - rather than the ‘Vital Few’ - inevitably erodes the capacity and focus required to run the business while simultaneously bedding in key transformation projects. In order to accelerate transformation and drive benefits-realisation, leaders need to align around a small list of critical initiatives that will generate the highest return for the business.

Blackdot’s proprietary benchmarking and ‘Vital Few’ process delivers the dual benefit of ‘reducing the noise’ around peripheral issues, as well as aligning business, marketing and sales leaders behind the key initiatives that are going to make the biggest difference. With our extensive dataset and ongoing analysis into the key levers of performance, Blackdot’s benchmarking solutions can help you understand ‘what good looks like’ and accelerate transformation towards growth.

The Blackdot Benchmarking Difference:

Grounded in Proof

With over 850 organisations, 11,000 sales managers and 75,000 salespeople benchmarked, we have proven the levers that correlate to performance

Methodologically Robust

Developed with leading econometricians, our data collection and analysis methodology is statistically rigorous and accurate

Holistic Across The Growth Engine

We enable you to benchmark across growth strategy, operating models, processes and technology, right through to sales management and frontline execution

Global, Cross-Industry Comparison

With 12 industries benchmarked across over 50 countries, we enable you to understand how you compare to true global best practice

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

A unique combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis provides granular problem definition and practical insight


Our ‘Vital Few’ methodology ensures consensus is gained around your key transformation opportunities, as well as the quick wins that can be quickly capitalised on

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Success Stories

Adopting Best Practices to Enhance Sales

Blackdot helps a leading pharmaceutical company develop a new sales management framework to improve coaching and performance management

Success Stories

Diagnosing the Root Cause of Poor Sales Performance

Blackdot's diagnosis of core sales performance issues helps a major telco turn negative growth positive

Success Stories

Identifying Frontline Behaviours that ‘Move the Needle’

Blackdot helps a nationwide insurance company assess frontline sales effectiveness and identify high-performing behaviours

Success Stories

Utilising Best Practice to Achieve ‘Super-Normal’ Growth in New Region

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Our Clients Realise Transformation

    • Christine Yates, Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth - NAB

    "We engaged Blackdot to run a detailed sales effectiveness diagnostic project leveraging their full suite of benchmarking surveys and consulting services. The robust and comprehensive diagnostic culminated in a 2 day intensive 'vital few' workshop with 40 of our most senior leaders. The outcomes were impressive..."

    • Jane Russell, Head of Human Resources - iNova

    "As part of our transformation to a performance culture, we embarked on an overhaul of our incentive program across all business units. We engaged Blackdot to assist us with a review of our current incentive program and to conduct a benchmark survey to identify opportunities vs. best practice."

    • Svend Petersen, Managing Director - Roche Australia

    "Facing an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace, it was a strategic imperative to evolve our business. We engaged Blackdot to conduct an organisation-wide benchmark across marketing, sales and medical to enable us be clear on our current effectiveness v best practice..."

    • Zalman Paris, Head of Marketing - Rocla

    "We enlisted the support of Blackdot to review and determine our optimal sales operating model. They conducted an organisation-wide sales performance benchmark alongside extensive stakeholder interviews to identify key pockets of internal best practice."

    • Christine Yates, General Manager, NAB Private - National Australia Bank

    "One of the things we liked most about Blackdot was their ‘12-4-7’ methodology, which forced us to diagnose our fundamental problems and solution-set broadly."

    • Dan Spira, Managing Director - Australasia - Valeant

    "We knew we had real opportunities for sales performance improvement - to ensure an optimal approach to identifying and converting we used Blackdot to run a series of rigorous, data-driven benchmarking and qualitative fieldwork observations..."

    • John Tait, Managing Director - Australia and New Zealand - First Data

    "The Blackdot Benchmark provided a level of insight around the key themes that we need to continue to get right to drive sales force effectiveness and obviously the financial objectives we need to achieve. It helped us deliver a financial outcome that saw us become the fastest growing market in all of the countries that we operate around the world."

    • Mark Hamilton, Director Sales & Customer Service Australia, NZ, Pac Islands - TNT

    "I wanted to participate in the Blackdot Benchmark so that I could get a view into the drivers behind the sales organisation: What was making them effective? What was stopping them from being more effective? And to basically gauge the overall effectiveness of the sales organisation."

    • Mark Hamilton, Head Of Sales and Marketing - TNT

    "When we decided it was time to invest in our team of sales managers as part of an initiative to accentuate the positives and improve performance across the board, Blackdot was the only logical choice. "

    • Oleh Nakone, Business Unit Director - RX - Valeant

    "We engaged Blackdot to assist us to define the key lead and lag indicators across our Primary care and Aesthetic skin business. Blackdot helped us to develop and refine the key measures that really matter for our business. They worked in a collaborative style to build buy-in and belief in the measures. "

    • Russell Godbier, Country Manager, Territory Sales - TNT

    "We engaged Blackdot to lift our territory sales capability. They used a unique mix of individual & role-based assessments to isolate what actually drives our new business growth to ensure our investment was focused on what really matters."

    • Russell Godbier, Country Manager, Territory Sales - TNT

    "Blackdot initiated a frontline sales behaviours assessment as part of our capability program for which all sales managers & frontline took part. There were 2 significant outcomes; one was a definitive analysis of our key gaps & strengths which was crucial in defining core objectives & focus areas for the sales training to follow. "

    • Shane O’Connor, General Manager Group Strategic Initiatives - Commonwealth Bank

    "The Blackdot benchmark allowed us to examine the business – where we were performing well, and performing not so well. We always knew that we had a number of high performing sales people, but the challenge for us as a business was to lift those middle performers up to that next level..."

    • Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager, Corporate, Commercial and Rural - ASB

    "Blackdot’s behavioural benchmarking and progress tracking has helped our sales managers understand why, what and how to change both their and their team behaviours, attitudes and systems to maximise their capability and opportunity – better still, its achieved in a way that’s really held management attention throughout the change process."

    • Steve McAllister, Executive Director of Sales And Telstra Business - Telstra

    "I wanted to participate in the Blackdot Benchmark so that I could get a view into the drivers behind the sales organisation: What was making them effective? What was stopping them from being more effective? And to basically gauge the overall effectiveness of the sales organisation."

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