Go-To-Market Effectiveness Benchmark

Drive customer-centric marketing and sales results in the ‘new’ buying environment

Traditionally sales-driven businesses are realising that their legacy go-to-market model isn’t working like it used to. Buyers are smarter and digitally-empowered, with a far more fluid and dynamic buyer’s journey rendered the once linear sales process defunct. Staying up to speed on what is still an evolving buying landscape is difficult, translating this into what the organisation needs to do – and in what order – is a complex and difficult task.

Based on the delivery of over 80 marketing and sales transformation projects & extensive benchmarking, Blackdot have developed the Go-To-Market Effectiveness Benchmark to help clients adapt faster. The Benchmark is designed to equip leaders with a best practice pathway that navigates the complexity, accelerates transformation and positions the organisation to win in today’s buying environment.

Key Benchmark Outcomes:

Understand The Proven Levers Of Go-To-Market Effectiveness

Leverage a framework encompassing 12 levers, 60 categories and 150 best practices proven to ‘move the needle’

Know How You Compare
to Global Best Practice

Surface uplift opportunities across the business and identify gaps to close and strengths to leverage

Isolate Your ‘Vital Few’
Growth Opportunities

Distil the opportunities which will transform the business, as well as the quick wins that can be quickly capitalised on

Define Your Go-To-Market Transformation Roadmap

Understand dependency challenges and the optimal sequencing which will set up your transformation for success

Mobilise Your
Go-To-Market Transformation

Gain executive alignment around the defined scope, accountabilities and deliverables for your ‘Vital Few’ initiatives

Track & Embed
Your Progress

Leverage ongoing re-benchmarking to ensure you are realising the benefit and driving continuous improvement

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Our Clients Realise Transformation

  • Charles Waterfield, Business Unit Director, Respiratory and Specialty Products, - AstraZeneca
    • Charles Waterfield, Business Unit Director, Respiratory and Specialty Products, - AstraZeneca

    "When the pay-off for getting it right is very clearly described, it’s far easier to rally the business around what needs to change and why – even when they’re sceptical at the outset."

  • Greg Nash, Group Chief Executive Officer/Manager Director - PICA
    • Greg Nash, Group Chief Executive Officer/Manager Director - PICA

    "We needed intelligent, agile and deep expertise to lead our executive team through a strategic rebuild framework whilst remaining commercially practical with our decisions. Blackdot not only led our team and solution with professional guile, they improved our knowlege and helped us prioritise..."

  •  Svend Petersen, Managing Director - Roche Australia
    • Svend Petersen, Managing Director - Roche Australia

    "Facing an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace, it was a strategic imperative to evolve our business. We engaged Blackdot to conduct an organisation-wide benchmark across marketing, sales and medical to enable us be clear on our current effectiveness v best practice..."

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