Win hearts and minds and build the practical sales capabilities which are proven to drive performance

Cementing the connection between capability development and sales performance improvement is critical to achieving repeatable and sustainable growth. However all too often, sales training interventions fail to deliver the promised behavioural change and return on investment. Bringing about a more targeted and measurable approach to sales capability uplift and behavioural change is a profound performance uplift opportunity for many organisations.

Blackdot’s unique capability solutions enable you to run scalable, individually-targeted development programs which are aligned to behaviours proven to correlate to performance. Utilising cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology expertise, our approach to delivery is immersive, experiential and wins the hearts and minds of your people. With our unique combination of benchmarking and capability development we can create measurable and sustainable behavioural change which delivers a step-change in sales performance.

The Blackdot Capability Difference:


Our capability programs are grounded in our extensive benchmarking dataset and ongoing analysis into the behaviours which drive performance


Our unique combination of benchmarking and capability development enables individually relevant, needs-based capability builds

Facilitated by Salespeople,
for Salespeople 

With facilitators that have deep sales management and selling experience, we can bring the credibility and practical know-how required to bring development sessions to life

Designed to Engage
Your People

We believe a sales learning program must genuinely win hearts and minds to embed new ways of working and deliver enduring behavioural change

Experiential & Actionable

Rather than focusing on a laundry list of new skills, our programs build a safe environment for participants to apply and build the skills that count


Alignment between our benchmarking and capability solutions enables you to bring clear structure and focus to closing capability gaps towards best practice

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Our Clients Realise Transformation

  •  Christine Yates, Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth - NAB
    • Christine Yates, Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth - NAB

    "We engaged Blackdot to run a detailed sales effectiveness diagnostic project leveraging their full suite of benchmarking surveys and consulting services. The robust and comprehensive diagnostic culminated in a 2 day intensive 'vital few' workshop with 40 of our most senior leaders. The outcomes were impressive..."

  • Christine Yates, General Manager, NAB Private - National Australia Bank
    • Christine Yates, General Manager, NAB Private - National Australia Bank

    "One of the things we liked most about Blackdot was their ‘12-4-7’ methodology, which forced us to diagnose our fundamental problems and solution-set broadly."

  • Jamin Hill, Head of Product Distribution, Corporate & Commercial Banking - ANZ
    • Jamin Hill, Head of Product Distribution, Corporate & Commercial Banking - ANZ

    "Through their ‘4’ Sales Management program... the practical, value-adding tools, coaching and techniques have helped our sales managers to immediately implement best-practice across a dispersed sales team. Our growth trajectory is on the rise and we’ve laid the foundation for more consistent and repeatable performance."

  • Russell Godbier, Country Manager, Territory Sales - TNT
    • Russell Godbier, Country Manager, Territory Sales - TNT

    "Blackdot initiated a frontline sales behaviours assessment as part of our capability program for which all sales managers & frontline took part. There were 2 significant outcomes; one was a definitive analysis of our key gaps & strengths which was crucial in defining core objectives & focus areas for the sales training to follow."

  • Simon Clarke, Head of Sales Operations - Ebay
    • Simon Clarke, Head of Sales Operations - Ebay

    "We’ve selected Blackdot as a partner as they provide an optimal mix of sales capability development best practice, and a facilitation team that really connect with our people. So far we are really pleased..."

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