Build fit-for-purpose solutions to drive informed growth in today’s changing environment

Determining the what, when and how of transformation is a significant challenge at the best of times. In today’s rapidly-evolving customer environment, businesses need to transform deeper and further than ever, with leaders needing to strike the difficult balance between hitting the number for today whilst also evolving the business for tomorrow. Despite the complexity, for those that can successfully deliver transformation in this environment – opportunities for driving competitive advantage and organic growth have never been higher.

Leveraging our unique benchmarking insights, Blackdot’s consulting team bring exceptional capability to identifying the right problem, designing pragmatic solutions and then supporting our clients through the critical implementation and embedding phases. With hands-on sectoral and functional expertise spanning strategy to execution, Blackdot consultants bring the operational know-how required to solve your complex growth problems and transform your business faster and more effectively. 

The Blackdot Consulting Difference:

Grounded in What Good Looks Like

Our solutions leverage our extensive benchmarking dataset and ongoing analysis into the key levers of marketing and sales performance

Genuine Operational Know-How

We tackle the practical detail of solutions and how to implement and embed new ways of working across marketing and sales


We partner with clients from solution design, implementation and embedding through to measuring and ensuring you actually 'move the needle'

Holistic Across
Strategy To Execution

We stitch together the strategy, customer, people, process and technology elements required to solve your complex growth challenges

Deep Sectoral &
Functional Expertise 

Our specialists bring a unique combination of industry experience with functional expertise across customer, marketing and sales disciplines

Marketing & Sales
Transformation Specialists

Our core business is helping you to build momentum for change and take the business on an informed transformation journey

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Success Stories

A New Operating Model to Adapt to Emerging Growth Opportunities

Blackdot helps a global telco take advantage of new market opportunities and simplify

Success Stories

A New Operating Model to Capitalise on the Biggest Opportunities

Blackdot helps one of Australia's largest banks enhance role clarity and focus on key market segments

Success Stories

Demystifying Targets and Fuelling Incentives to Grow Market Share

Blackdot helps a major pharmaceutical player develop a new target-setting model to align sales around market share growth

Success Stories

Transforming to Adapt to an Evolving Market

Blackdot helps a global pharmaceutical company integrate marketing and sales to more effectively drive growth.

Our Clients Realise Transformation

    • Christine Yates, Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth - NAB

    "We engaged Blackdot to run a detailed sales effectiveness diagnostic project leveraging their full suite of benchmarking surveys and consulting services. The robust and comprehensive diagnostic culminated in a 2 day intensive 'vital few' workshop with 40 of our most senior leaders. The outcomes were impressive..."

    • Craig Edwards, Head of Sales & Distribution - Pepper

    "We engaged Blackdot to develop a thorough sales playbook and run a series of engaging workshops to help us achieve long term sustainable success. The process was swift and constructive, and has given us the tools needed to realise our goals, reducing the 'luck' needed to win business. "

    • Greg Nash, Group Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director - PICA

    "The PICA Group recently re-engaged Blackdot, based on our previous experiences with them, and was not disappointed. We needed intelligent, agile and deep expertise to lead our executive team through a strategic rebuild framework whilst remaining commercially practical with our decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend Blackdot to anyone..."

    • James McKew, Sales & Marketing Director ANZ - SMC

    "The consulting team at Blackdot worked closely with us to develop a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) that would help us to attain our ambitious revenue target. The CVP was delivered in conjunction with an analysis of our market position, a content strategy and a thought leadership agenda. "

    • Jane Russell, Head of Human Resources - iNova

    "As part of our transformation to a performance culture, we embarked on an overhaul of our incentive program across all business units. We engaged Blackdot to assist us with a review of our current incentive program and to conduct a benchmark survey to identify opportunities vs. best practice."

    • Julia Taylor, VP, Corporate Strategy and Global Communications - Moneygram

    "We asked Blackdot to develop MoneyGram’s company-wide Demand Creation and Value Proposition sales toolkit. This initiative was a key enabler for our corporate growth strategy. Blackdot brought strong sales experience and thought leadership to help clarify our value proposition for large corporate tender processes and pro-active pitches."

    • Svend Petersen, Managing Director - Roche Australia

    "Facing an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace, it was a strategic imperative to evolve our business. We engaged Blackdot to conduct an organisation-wide benchmark across marketing, sales and medical to enable us be clear on our current effectiveness v best practice..."

    • Zalman Paris, Head of Marketing - Rocla

    "We enlisted the support of Blackdot to review and determine our optimal sales operating model. They conducted an organisation-wide sales performance benchmark alongside extensive stakeholder interviews to identify key pockets of internal best practice."

    • Andre Musto, (Former) General Manager New Zealand; Director Respiratory & Specialty Products Australia - AstraZeneca

    "We engaged Blackdot to support us with the implementation of a new organisation-wide sales operating model. The project delivered against its core objective which was to implement the restructure as early as possible (without compromising quality of implementation)."

    • Anna Schubert, Head of Sovnet & QBE - Sovereign

    "Blackdot was engaged by Sovereign to drive the detailed solution design for a key component of our distribution strategy. With their subject matter expertise and strong sales experience, Blackdot collaborated with key senior executives, staff and advisor groups to deliver a robust framework and detailed implementation plan..."

    • Dan Spira, Managing Director - Australasia - Valeant

    "We knew we had real opportunities for sales performance improvement - to ensure an optimal approach to identifying and converting we used Blackdot to run a series of rigorous, data-driven benchmarking and qualitative fieldwork observations..."

    • Dominic Teychenne, Head Of Sales - Cardiovascular/Metabolism - AstraZeneca

    "Since implementing the new operating rhythm last month, we’ve seen an uplift in performance focus across all sales teams. Frontline managers tell me they’re finding it faster to prepare, easier to focus on what matters, and more interesting to run their regular team meetings. "

    • Greg Nash, Group Chief Executive Officer/Manager Director - PICA

    "We needed intelligent, agile and deep expertise to lead our executive team through a strategic rebuild framework whilst remaining commercially practical with our decisions. Blackdot not only led our team and solution with professional guile, they improved our knowlege and helped us prioritise..."

    • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC

    "Blackdot were able to dissect and help us understand our buyer’s personas and the unique decision-making journey they each go through when purchasing pneumatic components. Our marketing and sales teams now have a clear comprehension of what they need to do to win each buyer’s business."

    • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC

    "Through their understanding of ‘what good looks like’, Blackdot’s consulting team designed a content strategy that focused on uplifting our content, establishing online channels, elevating our digital profile and creating demand. This provided us with a clear roadmap for confident content execution."

    • Mark Bernadhi, Business Integration Director - Westpac

    "We engaged Blackdot to support us with two key priority deliverables for a high profile business integration; the development of the end state operating model and organisation design and the production of a preliminary business case. Blackdot provided us with high caliber consultants who enabled us to meet these key deliverables..."

    • Rhonda Keen, Business Unit Manager- Visioncare/Pharma - inova

    "We sensed we had real opportunities for sales performance improvement – to identify these we used Blackdot to run a series of rigorous, data-driven benchmarking and qualitative fieldwork observations."

    • Stephen Knight, CEO - TCorp

    "I have engaged Blackdot in the past to provide independent advice and thought leadership on our business operating model / organisational structure. I have found them to be a valuable partner who bring pragmatic and well thought solutions, as well as a collaborative and engaging style."

    • Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager, Corporate, Commercial and Rural - ASB

    "We’ve had plenty of other consultants come in and produce strategy decks. The big difference with Blackdot was how readily they were able to challenge the way we execute – because they understand the operational mechanics behind sales and marketing so well."

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