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Are your marketers ready to seize the opportunity of the digital age?

Digital is providing marketing with the opportunity to own far more of the customer lifecycle and build relationships with customers in new and innovative ways. However with this increased opportunity comes new challenges and greater responsibility. Marketing must rapidly make the significant leap from support function to critical revenue engine and custodian of the customer experience. Significant transformation is required, from proving the value of new channels, to demonstrating firmer revenue outcomes and integrating more closely with sales – marketing has become a critical change-agent for adapting the go-to-market engine for the digital age.

Blackdot can help you drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation that will enable marketing to seize the opportunity of the digital age. With our unique combination of sales effectiveness credibility, along with cutting-edge marketing expertise, we can help you lift the profile and capability of marketing as a key enabler of both revenue and a world-class customer experience.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Adapt Marketing for the ‘New’ Digital Customer Environment

Re-architect the end-to-end marketing engine to deliver more relevant and value-adding interactions across the customer lifecycle

Build New Operating
Models & Capabilities

Evolve the marketing roles, accountabilities, incentives and requisite skill-sets to deliver results in today’s digital buying environment

Design More Effective
& Integrated Processes

Break down legacy silos and re-engineer more collaborative and connected ways of working across marketing & sales

Enhance Effectiveness & Efficiency Through Technology

Leverage new technology tools and the power of automation to enhance cross-functional integration, productivity and the customer experience

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Our Clients Realise Transformation

  •  James McKew, Sales & Marketing Director ANZ - SMC
    • James McKew, Sales & Marketing Director ANZ - SMC

    "The consulting team at Blackdot worked closely with us to develop a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) that would help us to attain our ambitious revenue target. The CVP was delivered in conjunction with an analysis of our market position, a content strategy and a thought leadership agenda."

  •  Julia Taylor, VP, Corporate Strategy and Global Communications - Moneygram
    • Julia Taylor, VP, Corporate Strategy and Global Communications - Moneygram

    "We asked Blackdot to develop MoneyGram’s company-wide Demand Creation and Value Proposition sales toolkit. This initiative was a key enabler for our corporate growth strategy. Blackdot brought strong sales experience and thought leadership to help clarify our value proposition for large corporate tender processes and pro-active pitches."

  • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC
    • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC

    "Blackdot were able to dissect and help us understand our buyer’s personas and the unique decision-making journey they each go through when purchasing pneumatic components. Our marketing and sales teams now have a clear comprehension of what they need to do to win each buyer’s business."

  • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director  (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC
    • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC

    "Through their understanding of ‘what good looks like’, Blackdot’s consulting team designed a content strategy that focused on uplifting our content, establishing online channels, elevating our digital profile and creating demand. This provided us with a clear roadmap for confident content execution."

  • Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager, Corporate, Commercial and Rural - ASB
    • Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager, Corporate, Commercial and Rural - ASB

    "We’ve had plenty of other consultants come in and produce strategy decks. The big difference with Blackdot was how readily they were able to challenge the way we execute – because they understand the operational mechanics behind sales and marketing so well."

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