Lead Scoring & Nurturing

Are you delivering the required volume and quality of marketing-qualified leads?

In order to effectively influence and support today’s buyer, marketing need the capability to deliver the right content, in the right channels, at the right time. However delivering this at scale – whilst measuring the lead attributes and online behaviours which will accurately prioritise sales attention – is a complex step. Not only are new processes and technologies required, a broader set of marketing foundations and dependencies are also critical for success.

Blackdot can help you take your lead generation and qualification engine to the next level. By building and optimising a best practice lead scoring model, designing a fit-for-purpose nurture strategy and helping you unlock the power of marketing automation - we can put your salespeople in front of more of the right opportunities and quantifiably enhance your impact on the bottom line.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Build Your Lead Scoring Model

Engage both marketing and sales to collaboratively design a mechanism for accurately prioritising marketing-qualified leads

Define Your Lead Nurture Strategy

Design the content, channel, campaign and technology elements required to support progression across your buyer journeys

Enhance Lead Handover &
Follow-Up Processes

Generate sales buy-in and develop integrated processes which ensure routine and effective conversion of marketing-qualified leads

Scale Lead Nurturing & Qualification Through Technology

Define your business requirements, customise and implement marketing automation technology to scale your ‘always-on’ demand creation engine

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Our Clients Realise Transformation

  • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC
    • James McKew, Group Sales & Marketing Director (Australia & New Zealand) - SMC

    "Blackdot were able to dissect and help us understand our buyer’s personas and the unique decision-making journey they each go through when purchasing pneumatic components. Our marketing and sales teams now have a clear comprehension of what they need to do to win each buyer’s business."

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