Account Management

Are you bringing the best of your organisation to your key customers?

Ongoing consolidation in the enterprise space has seen big accounts only getting bigger. With more complex, fragmented and consensus-based decision-making structures prevailing in these large accounts, far greater integration and coordination is required to win, grow and retain key customers.

Blackdot can help you evolve your end-to-end account management strategy to enable more cohesive engagement and enhanced penetration of key accounts. By transforming your account prioritisation, engagement model and planning processes, we can help you deliver more effective cross-functional execution and build deeper relationships with your best customers.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Prioritise & Tier

Define a universal segmentation methodology for ensuring alignment between resourcing levels and account types

Optimise the Account
Engagement Model

Evolve the engagement model to ensure cross-functional role clarity and that the right service intensity and coverage ratios are delivered

Enhance Portfolio & Account Planning Processes

Develop actionable account plans which drive meaningful and disciplined execution across customer-facing teams

Drive Cross-Sell &
Account Penetration

Develop strategies for securing executive access and engagement, as well as lifting cross-sell and product penetration in key accounts

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