Rewards & Recognition

Are your reward schemes encouraging the right sales behaviours?

Sales incentive and reward schemes remain a critical tool for driving motivation and performance. However, in an environment where the sales behaviours required to drive results are changing, incentive models must evolve in order drive the right behaviours and align with how we want to engage customers.

Blackdot can help you design a rewards and recognition scheme that is fit-for-purpose and drives both customer and business outcomes. From effective target setting, to highly motivating KPI & incentive schemes, as well as non-monetary reward and recognition programs – we can help you pull the right levers to unlock discretionary effort and drive a performance culture across the sales force.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Ensure Target Effectiveness
& Achievability

Reconcile the expectations of the front line with wider corporate goals to balance belief in target achievability with growth aspirations

Design a Fit-For-Purpose
Incentive Scheme

Develop highly motivating incentives for salespeople, ensuring the right behaviours for customer and business outcomes are rewarded

Discretionary Effort

Design the right combination of rewards, accountabilities and engagement initiatives to build a true performance culture

Leverage Recognition &
Non-Monetary Reward Schemes

Develop innovative programs that leverage the power of recognition and creative non-monetary rewards to drive deep engagement and retention

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