Sales Operating Rhythm

Are your internal sales forums driving focused execution or sapping productivity?

A well-sequenced set of cascading sales forums can be the backbone of focused execution and engagement across the sales force. In many cases however, forums are disintegrated, lacking the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency sales teams need to meet strategic and tactical objectives.

Blackdot can help you design a well-sequenced series of high-impact sales forums. From the annual kick-off, weekly sales meeting, one-on-one coaching sessions to all forums in between, we can help your sales leaders understand ‘what good looks like’ and leverage forums as a powerful tool for driving consistent and sustainable sales performance.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Design an Integrated
Program of Sales Forums

Translate disintegrated meetings into a cascading program of enabling forums that strengthen strategy-to-execution disciplines

Develop Sales Meeting Playbooks that Drive Performance

Understand what a high-impact forum looks like and the sales management behaviours that are proven to unlock sales performance

Improve the Efficiency &
Standards of Sales Forums

Boost productivity by reducing the time-wastage and diminished engagement that results from ineffective and inefficient meetings

Lift Engagement Across
the Sales Force

Leverage forums as a key tool for building camaraderie, unlocking discretionary effort and driving a performance culture

Build Sales
Dashboards & Reports

Enhance the insights available for review in sales forums, enabling early course-correction and the continual refocusing of salespeople’s time

Improve Coaching & Performance Development Conversations

Equip sales managers and leaders with coaching skills and tools to ensure they can support salespeople in reaching their full potential

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