Sales Process & Methodology

Do you have a simple and enabling sales process that your salespeople truly believe in?

Every salesperson wants to achieve consistent sales performance, but few get excited about following a sales process. Too often, the process is bureaucratic, time-consuming and has not yet been adjusted to how customers now buy, resulting in a lack of sales ‘belief’ and a piece-meal and inconsistent approach to selling prevailing.

Blackdot can help you design a simple, enabling and cross-functionally integrated sales process that is fit-for-purpose for your customer environment. By transforming your salespeople into ‘true believers’ who adhere to and advocate the sales process, we can unlock the power of more of your people doing more of the right things, more of the time – enabling you to drive more predictable and repeatable sales performance.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Boost Revenue with a
Fit-For-Purpose Sales Process

Design a universal sales process that is simple, enabling and helps your salespeople deliver more predictable and repeatable performance

Adapt Your Sales Process
to the 'New' Digital Buyer

Re-architect your sales process to deliver enhanced relevance and value-adding insights for today’s highly informed and discerning customer

Integrate the Sales Process
with Other Functions

Synthesise the sales process with marketing, service and other customer-facing functions to enhance the customer experience

Transform Your Salespeople
into ‘True Believers’

Build buy-in and advocacy for the sales process across the sales force, delivering more consistent execution and sales results

Design an In-Call Model
that Lifts Selling Effectiveness

Arm your salespeople with effective guidelines, tools and techniques to build closer and more meaningful customer relationships

Enhance Opportunity
Progression & Conversion

Diagnose stall points and create strategies for maintaining strong momentum across pipeline stages for all salespeople

Improve Pipeline Reporting
& Forecasting Integrity

Strengthen pipeline disciplines and business rules to help sales managers diagnose opportunity actions and drive accurate and reliable forecasts

Scale Your Sales Process
Through Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology tools to lift sales effectiveness, efficiency and hardwire more connected and collaborative ways of working

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