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Customers want simplicity, value for money and a seamless, responsive experience. However legacy processes, data sources and technology platforms restrict the ability of businesses to cohesively support dynamic customer journeys.
New digital channels have exacerbated existing data and functional silos. To overcome these challenges, organisations usually rely on manual processes, workarounds and intensive cross-functional rhythms, but these short-term solutions are rarely scalable or empowering for frontline staff.
Businesses need to instead leverage the power of integration, digitisation and automation to seamlessly progress customer journeys, while reducing cost.

How do leading enterprises deliver a differentiated customer experience – at a reduced cost?

Map the customer journey, pain points & opportunities to lay a critical foundation

Document customer journeys for priority segments, enabling product, sales, marketing & service to have a shared understanding of customers

Design an integrated end-to-end funnel, then automate it

Line up the organisation behind the customer journey, ensuring there is one integrated funnel across all functions which can then be automated in core systems

Capture & integrate data sources to enrich your view of customer

Lift data integrity and aggregate disparate data sources to make data relevant, valuable and actionable for the frontline

Equip the frontline to facilitate journey progression

Seamlessly & responsively meet needs across the customer lifecycle by enabling the frontline to work alongside automation tools

Align the frontline around shared KPIs & incentives on customer outcomes

Incentivise the frontline to solve customer problems of a higher order, by defining shared KPIs around customer outcomes

Reset rhythm to support cross-functional collaboration

Leverage the workflow coordination provided by digitalisation to focus on higher order issues, including customer pain points & continuous improvement

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Our Client Testimonials

  • Dominic Teychenne, Head Of Sales - Cardiovascular/Metabolism - AstraZeneca
    • Dominic Teychenne, Head Of Sales - Cardiovascular/Metabolism - AstraZeneca

    "Since implementing the new operating rhythm last month, we’ve seen an uplift in performance focus across all sales teams. Frontline managers tell me they’re finding it faster to prepare, easier to focus on what matters, and more interesting to run their regular team meetings."

  • John Tait, Managing Director - Australia and New Zealand - First Data
    • John Tait, Managing Director - Australia and New Zealand - First Data

    "The Blackdot Benchmark provided a level of insight around the key themes that we need to continue to get right to drive sales force effectiveness and obviously the financial objectives we need to achieve. It helped us deliver a financial outcome that saw us become the fastest growing market in all of the countries that we operate around the world."

  • Mark Bernadhi, Business Integration Director - Westpac
    • Mark Bernadhi, Business Integration Director - Westpac

    "We engaged Blackdot to support us with two key priority deliverables for a high profile business integration; the development of the end state operating model and organisation design and the production of a preliminary business case. Blackdot provided us with high caliber consultants who enabled us to meet these key deliverables..."

  • Steve McAllister, Executive Director of Sales And Telstra Business - Telstra
    • Steve McAllister, Executive Director of Sales And Telstra Business - Telstra

    "I wanted to participate in the Blackdot Benchmark so that I could get a view into the drivers behind the sales organisation: What was making them effective? What was stopping them from being more effective? And to basically gauge the overall effectiveness of the sales organisation."

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