Integrated Operating Rhythm

Are your forums driving the cross-functional integration required for success in today’s environment?

A well-sequenced and cascading set of forums has long been the ‘execution spine’ which bridges the strategy-to-execution gap in effective organisations. However, with unprecedented change in the customer environment, a finely-tuned operating rhythm has become increasingly critical for both ensuring the tactical agility needed to respond to external shifts, as well as delivering new levels of cross-functional integration and collaboration.

Blackdot can help you design and implement a more cross-functionally integrated operating rhythm. By enhancing the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of forums, as well as lifting information flows and decision-making processes across these meetings, we can enhance your operational agility and transform levels of collaboration across functions.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Design an Integrated, Cross-Functional Operating Rhythm

Design an integrated set of forums that facilitate collaborative planning, on-strategy execution and continual review

Lift Forum
Standards & Hygiene

Enhance the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of forums to reduce time-wastage and boost organisational productivity

Enhance Organisational

Define the meeting owners, required attendees and decision rights that ensure agile decision-making and accountabilities for agreed actions

Build Integrated
Dashboards & Reports

Design dashboards, metrics and information flows which drive aligned execution and continual course-correction

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