Marketing Effectiveness

Are you equipped to drive qualified lead flow in today’s digital buying environment?

Many enterprise marketing functions have historically focused on brand building and ‘above-the-line’ campaign execution. With the onus now firmly falling on marketing to own more of the customer journey and assume more accountability for qualified lead flow, a fundamental shift from traditional to digital marketing must occur. However, shifting spend from legacy campaigns and launching the new channels, processes and technologies required to deliver this, is a significant business and people challenge.

Blackdot can help you bring together the strategy, people, process and technology elements required to shift from traditional marketing to digital lead generation. By helping you test and prove the value of new ways of working through pilots, then rolling start-of-the-art digital marketing practices into business-as-usual; we can set you up to deliver a consistent pipeline of qualified leads, as well as measure and demonstrate the results.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Shift from Traditional to
Digital Lead Generation

Make sense of the strategy, people, process and technology elements required to define your digital maturity transformation roadmap

Design & Accelerate

Build and implement pilots that enable you to test, learn and evolve a new execution engine and more integrated ways of working

Enhance Lead Handover &
Follow-Up Processes

Generate sales buy-in and develop integrated processes which ensure routine and effective conversion of marketing-qualified leads

Design & Implement Your
Technology Stack

Define a fit-for-purpose technology roadmap and implement the solutions required to deliver enhanced and more automated lead generation

Develop Best Practice Lead Generation Campaigns

Create campaign and channel strategies to significantly enhance the volume and quality of marketing-qualified lead flow

Monitor & Enhance Your Lead
Generation Engine

Leverage technology and analytics to closely track your new execution engine and continually fine tune and optimise your results

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