Process Integration

Are your marketing, sales and service functions separate, aligned or truly integrated?

While high-performing organisations have always sought close alignment between customer-facing functions, a new level of operational integration is required to deliver the experience which today’s customer expects. Legacy functional silos must be genuinely dissolved, with new levels of connectedness and collaboration required to hardwire relevant execution around the customer.

Blackdot can help you drive the end-to-end people, process and technology transformation required to achieve true operational integration across marketing, sales and service. By designing more integrated and technology-enabled processes and ways of working, we can prove and operationalise a new execution engine which will revolutionise your customer and business outcomes.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Design Your Marketing, Sales & Service Integration Strategy

Define the people, process and technology roadmap which will create a more customer-centric, integrated and technology-enabled business

Run Marketing, Sales and Service
Integration Pilots

Test and prove more integrated ways of working across marketing, sales and service, which effectively transition into business-as-usual

Design Integrated Processes

Develop deeply complementary marketing, sales and service processes which support relevant and compelling customer experiences

Scale Integration with Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology and the power of automation to hardwire collaborative, efficient and effective workflows

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