Sales Effectiveness

Are your sales teams ready to deliver results in the ‘new’ customer environment

Enduringly difficult growth conditions and unprecedented changes in buying dynamics have resulted in legacy sales models no longer proving adequate. With a digitally-empowered buyer firmly in control of the sales process, a new approach must emerge which is more customer-centric, more integrated with other functions and more digitally-enabled, in order to cost-effectively compete and win in this new environment.

Blackdot can drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation that will enable you to ‘do more with less’ and evolve your sales force for the digital age. Our unique approach can help you navigate the difficult balance of hitting the number for today, whilst evolving a sales function which is more customer-centric, integrated and technologically-enabled, in order to drive sustainable growth for the future.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Adapt Sales for the New
Digital Customer Environment

Re-architect the end-to-end sales engine to deliver more relevant and value-adding interactions across the customer lifecycle

Build New Operating
Models & Capabilities

Evolve the sales role mix, accountabilities, incentives and required skill-sets to deliver results in a changing buying environment

Enhance Marketing
& Sales Processes

Break down legacy silos and design more integrated ways of working across marketing and sales which enhance customer interactions and sales results

Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology

Leverage new technology tools and the power of automation to hardwire more collaborative, efficient and effective sales work flows

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