Channel Strategy

Can you deliver the seamless end-to-end experience expected by today’s customer?

Today’s increasingly digital buyer’s journey has the channel mix in a state of flux. Organisations face the challenge of delivering more relevance and more cohesion, across more channels – all whilst reducing cost across the go-to-market model. However success requires more than just integrating new digital channels. Legacy customer-facing silos must be genuinely dissolved, with new levels of functional and technical integration required to consistently deliver a seamless experience across all customer touch-points.

Blackdot can help you drive the end-to-end strategy, people, process and technology transformation required to deliver compelling omni-channel execution. By deeply understanding your customer and designing pilots that will prove the value of new ways of working, we can accelerate your transformation towards delivering a world-class, yet more cost-efficient customer experience.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Assess Your
Channel Effectiveness

Analyse the impact & cohesion of your existing channels & determine the optimal mix for delivering your required customer experience

Develop Your
Omni-Channel Strategy

Design the people, process & technology roadmap required to break down silos & cohesively introduce new channels

Design & Accelerate Pilots

Build & implement pilots that enable you to test, learn & evolve a more integrated omni-channel execution engine

Optimise the Cost to Sell & Serve

Migrate different tiers of customers to the most appropriate channels to deliver the required experience & enhance cost-efficiency

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