Customer & Market Insights

Is your strategy informed by insights?
Every successful strategy and plan is built upon a foundation of knowledge and information. Without insights, it can be difficult to correctly segment and target your customers, get positioning and messaging right, meet the needs of their buying journeys and understand the competitive landscape you’re operating in.
Blackdot can help you generate insights into your key customers and stakeholders through both qualitative and quantitative measures. We work with you throughout the journey from insight generation to planning and implementation of the recommendations we make.

Common Initiatives We Help With:

Understand Customer Insights

Identify your customers’ true emotional needs, fuelling powerful brand ideas & ultimately creating buying opportunities and/or habits

Assess the Competitive Landscape

Review the competitive landscape to identify opportunities & threats to inform your customer strategy

Explore Market Entry Considerations

Determine the correct market approach by gaining qualitative insights into the customer journey & target segments

Analyse Market Sizing

Balance quantitative & qualitative market sizing approaches to determine the value of customer segments & gain deeper insights of customer needs

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