Persona & Journey Mapping

Do you really understand your customer?

With so much of the buying process now occurring online, the buying journey of today’s customer is more dynamic than ever. New segmentation tools – such as buyer personas and journeys – are now critical enablers of a more relevant and meaningful customer experience. For many businesses however, actually operationalising against this level of granularity in order to bring a new experience to life for their customers proves very challenging.

Blackdot can help you understand your customer to a greater level of detail than ever before and equip marketing, sales & service to execute against this greater level of specificity. With a clear understanding of how your customers buy, as well as the content interactions and touch-points they require across this process, we can lay the foundations for relevant marketing and sales execution and a world-class customer experience.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Understand Your
Buyer’s World

Develop detailed buyer personas & journeys, including specific needs & preferences across the customer lifecycle

Identify Opportunities to Enhance the Customer Experience

Understand the highs & lows across your buyer journeys & identify opportunities to lift relevance & cohesion

Build Buyer Understanding
Across the Business

Educate marketing, sales & service on your buyer & build cross-functional awareness & collaboration to support more relevant execution

Operationalise Enhanced

Design achievable phasing of marketing, sales & service execution against buyer personas & journeys to deliver a world-class experience

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