Segmentation Strategy

Is your business aligned behind your most significant market opportunities?

In an environment where resources are tight and customer-centricity is paramount, more granular segmentation is key to ensuring finite resources are focused towards the right customers. In many businesses however, too many segments are pursued, or product, marketing and sales are not aligned behind the optimal set of market opportunities – limiting the ability to deliver relevance and drive profitable growth.

Blackdot can help you identify and drive consensus around the segments that will best position the business to win. By defining the specific market segments where significant growth opportunity aligns with your unique sources of competitive advantage, we can fine-tune your growth engine to deliver more ‘cut through’ and relevance, along with greater resource efficiency and profitability.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Assess the
Market Opportunity

Define the ‘size of the prize’, understand market share levels & the relative attractiveness of new markets, territories or products

Understand & Define
Your Market Positioning

Leverage an in-depth analysis of your competitive landscape & relative proposition to develop a robust company brand promise

Identify Your Market ‘Sweet Spots’

Prioritise the segments where growth opportunities align with your strengths, setting up the organisation to be relevant & win

Prioritise Portfolios & Accounts

Accurately segment your account hierarchy to ensure resourcing allocations meet customer expectations & profitability goals

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