Service Operating Models

Is your frontline enabled and empowered to engage with today’s challenging customer?

The rise of digital has provided organisations with a significant opportunity to connect with and build relationships with customers in new and innovative ways. However, with great opportunity comes even greater responsibility. Not only must service make the leap from responsive customer support function to a proactive facilitator of the broader customer journey, they must also become more digitally-savvy and learn to leverage new digital channels and automation to become a powerful connector between business and customer.
Blackdot can help you create a best practice service operating model that is fit-for-purpose for your evolving customer environment and takes your customer experience to the next level. By optimising roles and capabilities around self-serve channels, increased automation and a single digital backbone, we can help you transform your operating model to support a customer experience which is consistently faster, easier and better.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Design a Future-Fit
Service Operating Model

Build the roles, capabilities & cross-functional collaboration required to transition towards digitally-enabled service interactions

Design the Optimal
Mix of Service Roles

Optimise the mix of service roles to facilitate effective customer interactions whilst improving efficiency

Evolve Service Capabilities
for the Digital Environment

Adapt service to operate effectively in an omni-channel environment & deliver the level of insight & value today’s customer expects

Lift Service Role
& Goal Clarity

Crystallise key measures of success & KPIs by role type, minimising goal diffusion & maximising the effectiveness of each individual

Create Service Capacity
& Increase Productivity

Leverage new technology tools & the power of automation to hardwire more collaborative, efficient & effective work flows

Reduce the Cost to Serve

Design a more scalable & lower cost service operating model without diminishing effectiveness or the customer experience

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