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While technology can be a great enabler for transformational growth, it comes with implementation and adoption challenges that could hinder progress towards customer-centricity.

Businesses and IT must partner to address these implementation and adoption challenges. Business leaders need to be tech savvy and take accountability for technology decisions and IT need to act like business owners while simultaneously building a technical architecture that enables innovation and evolution.
The imperative for businesses is to navigate the complexity of legacy data, infrastructure and people constraints to deliver intuitive technology solutions to employees and customers.

How are leading enterprises managing implementation & adoption challenges?

Single digital backbone across all channels

Ensure employees have the same data, functionality and user experience to make face-to-face interactions consistent with digital self-service CX

Choose platforms, not systems

Build a flexible and future-fit customer technology ecosystem that enables continual evolution and innovation

Build an integration layer to decouple systems of experience from systems of record

Bridge the gap between front-end innovation and back-end complexity with an integration layer that enables rapid changes

Make the business accountable for technology decisions

Ensure technology decisions are made in the context of business imperatives, by appointing business leaders to make decisions and be accountable for them

Converge the DNA of IT and the business

Establish a common language, aptitude and understanding between business and IT to address implementation and adoption challenges

Solve real frontline problems early

Quickly identify and resolve frontline pain points to maintain adoption momentum and implementation success

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