Cloud Readiness

Is your organisation ready to adopt cloud technology?
Almost every enterprise organisation is using or getting ready to use cloud technology in some way for their sales and marketing functions. However, many struggle to develop a common ‘language’, long-term strategic focus, business buy-in or a clear view of platform convergence.
Blackdot can help you identify gaps and drive maturity uplift for cloud technology leverage and adoption across the business.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Define & Design
a Cloud Strategy

Define your cloud strategy & principles, assess & redesign your IT strategy for cloud adoption

Assess Business IT Readiness

Define a common language across business lines & develop a common framework for the business to assess cloud adoption requirements

Develop a Cloud-Ready
IT Operating Model

Build an accountable IT organisational structure across the business by clearly defined roles & skills to identify any capability gaps for the cloud-ready organisation

Design IT Processes & Frameworks
or a Cloud-First Environment

Assess your current IT processes & service delivery management for readiness to effectively operate with business in the new world

Build Agile Architecture &
Design Capability

Define cloud design principles & assess the current conceptual & logical architecture against the future cloud strategy

Identify to Remove
Cyber Security Exposure

Assess technology, process & policy gaps to remove cyber security risks, train frontline staff & wider business for customer privacy & cyber security

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