CRM Optimisation

Is your CRM implementation enabling your salespeople to be efficient, effective & relevant?

Robust data integrity and CRM disciplines are a critical foundation to support more relevant customer interactions. However, in many organisations, data quality is low, multiple and disconnected CRM implementations hinder rather than enable salespeople, resulting in poor utilisation and fragmented sources of customer data.

Blackdot can bring together the strategy, people, process and technology elements required to transform how your people sell and serve. Complimented by the deep expertise of our exclusive technology partners, we can help you implement best practice with fit-for-purpose technology.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Review Your Data Quality
& CRM System

Conduct ‘health-checks’ on your data design, quality & CRM to strengthen your platform for effective & relevant sales execution

Expand Your
Sales-Enablement Ecosystem

Implement & integrate proven apps & plug-ins to enhance your CRM & deliver further digital-enablement, effectiveness & efficiency to sales

Develop Your CRM Process Architecture

Define the business requirements, process architecture & workflows which will hardwire CRM best practice for sales execution & management

Lift Sales Capabilities
& Adoption

Run incremental frontline delivery to build confidence in using your CRM, build technology skills & get your people to adopt new ways of working

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