Data Integration

Is your customer data strategy equipped to drive insights for effective decision-making?
Most enterprises today have a strong dependency on insights based decision-making but often get stuck with current data needs and ineffective data structures.
Blackdot can help you define a customer data strategy that will evolve for future requirements, as well as defining insights-driven dashboards for informed decision-making. We can develop your enterprise information domain models and implementation design, addressing customer requirements for access to information anytime, anywhere by any means.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Define Customer Data Strategy

Develop your customer data strategy for best-practice consolidation & integration across all enterprise systems

Implement & Optimise
Your Customer Data

Deliver end-to-end customer data driven CRM implementation, customisation & integration, to help your people sell & serve

Develop Customer 360o
& Master Data Strategy

Define your master data strategy for customer & other relevant core data domains for your organisations customer 360o view aspirations

Build Your Analytics
& Reporting Suite

Create insights driven intelligent dashboards & reports which support pipeline visibility & enhanced sales management, coaching & forecasting

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