Technology Adoption

Are your frontline staff enthusiastically adopting new technology & ways of working?
Frontline staff often feel like they’re working for the technology rather than the technology enabling them to service the customer. This stops them from getting comfortable with new technology and adopting new ways of working.
Blackdot's unique transformation experience and extensive benchmarking equips organisation leaders to overcome user adoption challenges early, and create a pathway to identify and navigate the fastest route to transformation. By leveraging technology and processes to remove frontline pain points, you can unlock a better customer experience.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Involve Frontline Early

Involve your frontline staff & leaders early to solve real world problems

Deliver Incremental Packages

Plan & deliver incremental packages of people, process & technology to improve delivery & user acceptance

Change Ways of Working

Converge IT & business thinking & their roles & responsibilities to improve collaboration & decision-making quality

Understand Technology Trade-offs

Provide design choices based on uplifting employee & customer experience

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