Technology Health Check

Is your technology ecosystem ready to deliver on executive priorities?

Robust data integrity and CRM disciplines are a critical foundation for supporting more relevant customer interactions. However, legacy technology architecture and operating models prevent many organisations from being fit for future business transformation.
Blackdot's unique benchmarking and diagnostics capability equips organisations to assess their level of readiness to realise business value from future technology investments. We help you understand your current and target maturity levels across a broad range of parameters to inform technology investment and planning.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Review Your Technical Maturity

Conduct ‘health-checks’ on your technology portfolio to strengthen your ecosystem for effective and relevant execution

Analyse Your Operating Model
& Business Readiness

Leverage benchmarking, diagnostics & portfolio data to analyse your organisation’s IT operating model & business readiness for technology adoption

Assess Your Customer Data &
Analytics Platforms

Conduct assessments on your customer data stores, data integration & analytics platforms for effective & efficient reporting & insights

Assess IT Delivery &
Operational Capability

Identify strengths & weaknesses in IT delivery & operational capabilities to support transformation through to new ways of working

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