Technology Operating Model

Is your current IT operating model built for future agility & innovation or hamstrung by decisions made in the past?
Digital transformations often neglect the future technology operating model requirements for business and IT teams to collaborate once the change has been embedded.
Blackdot brings together delivery and operations based best practices to help evolve to a future state operating model with clearly defined accountabilities across both business and IT.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Define Technology Operating Model

Develop future-state technology operating model, with an incremental delivery approach for early value realisation & continuous improvement

Define a Future State Organisation

Develop an organisation structure with clear & well-defined accountabilities & role definitions across both business & IT to address any capability gaps

Change Staff DNA

Create a change management strategy & capability implementation plan to help IT think like business owners & business to be tech savvy

Define Your IT
Operating Model Governance

Define implementation & post-transformation IT operating model governance for strategy alignment & continuous improvement

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