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Transformation is long, complex and difficult. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to realise the full business case benefit. While the end game is compelling, it is often compromised by short-termism, distractions and changing priorities.

Leaders generally start well, but can disengage or lose focus on the end goal through the course of the program. The program, slows, slips or stops as fatigue and complexity hits. Compounding the challenge, businesses are usually ill-equipped to monitor early progress and enable effective course correction.

Businesses need to shine a light on early indicators of adoption, effectiveness and efficiency to allow leaders to balance execution discipline with continuous improvement. 

How do leading enterprises embed change & achieve continuous improvement?

Ensure leaders are visible, vocal & aligned throughout the project

Ensure project sponsors & leaders are ‘in the trenches’ proactively leading change, not sitting above the change initiative

Pick the right team for each phase

Differentiate between strategy, implementation & embedding phases & identify who is best placed to lead each phase effectively

Hold leaders accountable for delivering the business case benefit

Bake outcomes such as revenue, cost & improved customer & employee experience into leaders’ scorecards, KPIs & incentives

Front-load high value ‘packages’ & prioritise & sequence change

Increase frontline receptivity to change by delivering digestible change ‘packages’ incrementally & sequentially

Measure the lead indicators of adoption, effectiveness & efficiency

Identify indicators early & often to monitor progress and enable effective course correction

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