Capability Benchmarking

Can you measure the behavioural change and performance outcomes of your development initiatives?

Cementing the connection between capability development and performance improvement is critical to achieving repeatable and sustainable growth. However all too often, learning interventions fail to deliver the promised behavioural change and return on investment. Bringing about a more targeted and measurable approach to capability uplift and behavioural change is a profound performance uplift opportunity for many organisations.

Blackdot’s unique benchmarking solutions help you to understand capability strengths and gaps against external best practice and internal comparisons, enabling development priorities to be crystallised which will create fundamental impact. Our unique combination of benchmarking and bespoke capability solutions enable you to run scalable, individually-targeted development programs, whilst clearly measuring results and performance improvement.

Blackdot Can Help You:

Understand What Good
Looks Like

Leverage highly-actionable best practice behaviours which are proven to correlate to performance

Know How Your People Compare to
Global Best Practice

Surface uplift opportunities across your workforce and identify gaps to close and strengths to leverage

Isolate Your ‘Vital Few’
Development Opportunities

Define the development opportunities which will impact performance, enabling highly-informed capability investment decisions

Develop Individualised
Development Plans

Build explicit development plans with actionable behaviour changes required for your people to reach best practice

Build New

Utilise Blackdot’s experiential capability programs to equip your people with practical skills and tools aligned to best practice

Measure Ongoing Progress Towards
Best Practice

Leverage ongoing re-benchmarking to measure capability improvement progress and drive continuous improvement

Coaching & Performance Improvement

Utilise Blackdot’s proven framework for managing performance and framing coaching conversations specifically in the sales context

Sales Process

Build belief and adherence in the sales process to generate more consistent and predictable sales person performance

Sales Management Rhythm

Develop and refine your suite of high-impact, value-adding sales meetings that will focus the frontline on what will create impact

Teaming & Quality Standards

Understand the building blocks of an engaged sales team with high levels of motivation and discretionary effort

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