Channel & Campaign Execution

Are your channels selected and optimised for engagement?

With competition for share of voice and channel saturation at an all-time high, the need to be effective with every communication is more important than ever. Every experience needs to be optimised for the selected channel and each must be integrated for a seamless engagement across the brand.

Blackdot are specialists at developing integrated marketing plans and firmly operate with the understanding that no channel should ever operate in isolation. From initial channel strategy through to content development, best practice execution, integration with CRMs and continuous improvement, we can help ensure your channel and campaign execution delivers the right outcomes. Whether it’s a new launch, re-activation, a new creative campaign or mature product continuity you’re after, we have the experience and channel expertise to help you achieve your campaign objectives.

Common Initiatives We Help With:

Creative Development

Development of new creative concepts & localisation of global materials for any channels required

Activate & Amplify Brand

Engage customers with the right content & channels to deliver the desired share of voice at all stages of the product lifecycle

Define Your Content Strategy

Design your approach to leveraging highly targeted content as a key driver of lead nurturing & conversion

Develop Content

Deliver creative, copy & video content for any channel - new content, localisation of global materials, or optimisation of existing content

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