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Customer & Channel Strategy

Do you understand your customers and how they like to engage?

Customers want simplicity, value for money and a seamless experience. However, organisations often struggle to understand where the value in their customer base is, and how to leverage the right channel for the right customer at the right time.

By prioritising the ‘moments that matter’ to your highest value segments and understanding the financial implications and trade-offs of the channel mix, you can balance your customer experience aspirations and deliver a return on channel investment.

Blackdot can take you from
common to best-practice

Customer segments are based on current value and past behaviours

Box 1

Ensure customer segmentation is dynamic, based ​on future potential value and predictive variables

Box 2

Response to customer feedback is reactive at all touchpoints

Box 3

Proactively evolve the customer experience at prioritised ’moments that matter’​

Box 4

Channel innovation is executed in business or functional silos

Box 5

Optimise channel mix based on cost and revenue impact of each customer interaction, through every channel

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