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Customer Journey Activation

How do you deliver a seamless customer journey?

Most organisations today understand the value of customer journeys. Whilst many have made headway with mapping out the ideal path – turning this high-level plan into an operational reality, often remains a challenge.

To effectively activate the customer journey, you must start with priority use cases and define a clear plan of action. By piloting the end-to-end delivery through new ways of working, and introducing critical capabilities along the way, you will be able to transition the learnings into BAU execution.

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Disparate activity across the journey with limited cohesion

Box 1

Clearly define commercial objectives around priority ‘moments that matter’

Box 2

Change is expected within BAU teams, with KPIs set only to drive functional excellence

Box 3

Set up agile, cross-functional teams with aligned KPIs and incentives

Box 4

Technology decisions are made first, with people and process implications an afterthought

Box 5

Execute in agile change packages, through win-fast pilots to build business belief and momentum

Box 6

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