New Customer Capabilities

Are your frontline staff ready for today’s digitally-empowered customer?

The rise of digital and today’s sophisticated customer are rapidly changing the skills and behaviours which drive success across marketing, sales and service. This represents both a substantial adaptation challenge, as well as an exciting opportunity for transformation. Whilst the imperative to adapt capability is increasingly apparent, understanding what the ‘frontline of the future’ needs to look like is a distinct challenge for many organisations.

Blackdot can help you transform the capabilities of your frontline marketing, sales and service functions to adapt and thrive in today’s customer environment. From building digital and data savvy, embedding a customer journey orientation, to lifting customer and commercial acumen – we can help you identify the critical new skills which will drive impact, then deliver immersive learning which transforms both the employee and customer experience.

Blackdot's 'Customer-Centric Frontline Behaviours' framework:

Customer & Buyer Understanding

Recognising target customer segments, personas and decision drivers in order to ensure relevance

Data & Digital Literacy

Utilising technology and leveraging data to understand customer behaviour and tailor relevant interactions

Dynamic Prioritisation

Successfully prioritising tasks, balance customer and business interests and adapting plans in a dynamic environment

Customer Journey Progression

Providing contextually-relevant information and interactions which support customers through their end-to-end journey

Customer Experience Optimisation

Navigating the customer through internal processes and seizing opportunities to exceed expectations

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Planning collaboratively, building internal networks and executing seamlessly with other functions

Values-based Decision Making

Doing the right thing, meeting compliance obligations and advocating the customer’s best interests

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